Welcome To Angry Birds Seasons !!!

With a brand new game from Rovio about to be released, called Bad Piggies, an Angry Birds having become a classic. just like tetris, and being the most downloaded mobile game ever, we believe there're plenty of reasons to create this fan site.  As you can guess from the title, we are particularly fond of Angry Birds Seasons, that features with each new release a different holyday event from different events in the world.

We know that what interest fans more are the popular 3 star walkthroughs, since beating really high scores becomes a true obsession in some hard core fans.  We are currently recording those videos so we suggest you stay tuned to this site and wait a bit, we'll upload them to youtube soon.  We'll begin with Back To School and Piglantis episodes, being clearly the hardest levels of all themes available.

Of course we don't forget about the Seasons Mighty Eagle, which can now be used unlimited times as long as you buy the app (bear in mind this is a separate paid in app).  Getting a 100% destruction when using the Eagle is not easy at all, even when you have already used all regular birds and destroyed most of the stage already.

Angry Birds Space Loading Screen

Besides, we have a complete guide to find all the Golden Mooncakes on Moon Festival and all the Golden Eggs in Easter Eggs, these guides are nowhere to be found on any other Angry Birds Fan Site.

Regarding Bad Piggies, we'll also bring you all 60 levels walkthroughs that will come by default with the first version to be released on iOS and Android devices.   We are pretty sure this game will be far more successful than Amazing Alex, but not nearly as played as the original AB or even Angry Birds Space.

Rovio has worked on the spin-off for an entire year, so that guarantees a game with a ton of details.

We finally suggest you to visit this source if you want to find every single 3 star walkthrough available for all editions released so far.

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